A Lecture on Saturday 25th November 2017 by Gary Kidgell 

28 Great King Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QH


Greek Hero Myths and the Spiritual Path

By studying and interpreting the symbols of myth we may derive insight into the archetypal forces that underlie human experience and which drive humanity forward towards the realisation of our spiritual purpose. The wisdom teachings inform us of the long evolutionary journey of spirit through matter as a means of acquiring ‘spiritual staying power.’ This evolutionary ascent entails one embarking upon the ‘spiritual path’ whereby one undergoes a process of self-transformation as one seeks to unfold the symbolic lotus petals of the Soul or higher Self.

In this one-day presentation, Gary shall utilise the content of classical esoteric and religious teachings, together with the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and many others, as a means of illustrating how the tests and trials, and the successes and failures encountered by the heroes of Greek myth represent the archetypal challenges and rewards related to the treading of the spiritual path.

As individuals, we each possess our own psyche with its existential set of dynamics derived from archetypal forces. Gary shall demonstrate the requirement for us to consider and to relate the symbols and imagery of the myths of Cadmus, Perseus, Theseus, Jason, and the greatest of all the Greek heroes – Heracles, to our own lives. On this basis, we may obtain insight and inspiration in respect of our own existential ‘hero quest’ which leads ultimately to Self-realisation.


Gary Kidgell has studied various forms of esoteric spirituality for the last thirty-five years. He is a professional astrologer specialising in esoteric astrology. Gary has lectured extensively on various esoteric subjects within the U.K. and Europe. His acclaimed book ‘The Inner Journey Pathways to the Higher Self’ has been distributed internationally. He has also compiled, presented, and currently serves as a tutor in respect of two online audio-visual courses: Foundations in Esoteric Studies and Esoteric Psychology – The Seven Rays, these are based on the work of his previous mentor Dr Douglas Baker with whom he studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysics at Claregate College. Gary is a member of the Dundee Theosophical Lodge and a former Organising Secretary for the Society in Scotland.




10.00 am  Doors open
10.30 am  Lecture: Greek Hero Myths and the Spiritual Path
11.30 am  Refreshments
11.45 am  Lecture continues

12.45 am  A Vegetarian Lunch.
2.00 pm  Lecture continues
3.00 pm  Refreshments
  3.15 pm  Lecture concludes
4.30 pm  Questions

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Minimum suggested donation for the Event, including the vegetarian lunch is £5 to both members and non members of the Society


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