Edinburgh Branch of the Theosophical Society in Scotland PROGRAMME

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerston Place EH12. (Telephone 0131 625 0700)

Admission: £5 Members / £7 Non-members. ALL WELCOME Talk: 7.30 - 8.50pm in the Sanctuary Room (Tea/coffee in Cafe from 7.00pm


4 APRIL   Divine Science: Whispers of the Earth: Plant Consciousness. (short VIDEO plus discussion).   Do plants speak the secret language of awareness, whispering knowledge and weaving connections to our Earth? Discover the science of superorganisms which are cosmic antennae with their own voice, healing humanity with melodies and music.


11 APRIL     The Tarot: the Minor Arcana: Wands & Swords.  Ilaria Patrizii Bernardi.  In the past few years Tarot has made a huge comeback in mystical shops and on bookstores' shelves. With so many different books and interpretations offered, and new versions and formats of the already deeply symbolic imagery, approaching the deck can feel like an overwhelming task. In part two of the exploration of the Minor Arcana from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, Ilaria will take you down the powerful and sometimes intense path of Wands and Swords. Observe how seeing Tarot as a Story telling tool can help you understand better the workings of this intriguing deck of 78 cards, giving you enough knowledge to get you started on the path of Tarot readings.  Ilaria is an intuitive Tarot reader at the Arthur Conan Doyle centre. She believes in the benefits of a regular tarot and Journaling practice as a tool to rediscover ourselves and become conscious creators of our reality.


18 APRIL    Living Well, Dying Consciously.  Loretta Dunn.

We are alive, therefore we die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of life,and yet very few of us really come to terms with this fact.  There is nothing quite like death to get us thinking about how to make the most of our finite time on earth. In many cases, it is not until we are confronted with a life limiting diagnosis, that we even begin to consider the impermanence of our existence. Are we, indeed, sleepwalking in the present moment?  There is much to learn from ancient civilisations who treated death as part of  life. This talk will not only look at some of the wisdom from those who have gone before, but will highlight that when we take responsibility for our life, we can then make peace with our death.  Loretta Dunn is a Life Celebrant, certified spiritual advisor, psychic medium and healer. She was a nurse and midwife during a career spanning 36 years. More recently she has had much experience companioning the dying, and working with families to create funeral ceremonies. Loretta has complemented her natural psychic abilities with mediumship training, in the company of some of the most internationally recognised spiritual teachers such as Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams, June Field, James Van Praagh and Sandra Aetheris. Loretta is passionate about bringing death out of the shadows as a means of helping us to live our best life in the present moment.


25 APRIL     What is Core Theosophy?  A discussion evening.  An opportunity for Members to present their views on what they think is central to Theosophy.


2 MAY         Tantric Quest: an encounter with absolute love.  Mike Hall.

The Eastern Aspirant renounces sexuality, while Western Religion severely limits its expression. While not condoning hedonism, Tantra introduces a middle path, extending the delights of male- female coupling into rarely attained bliss, as Mankind  approaches ever closer to that Ultimate Union with Godness. This talk lucidly discusses the What, the How and the Why of exercises capable of transforming sensuality and sexuality into Absolute Love.  Mike's passion for integrating the Ancient Eastern Wisdom with Modern Western Science has seen his own personal journey featured in the International award winning book "In Praise of Slow", New Scientist Magazine and Frontiers, a BBC Radio  4 Science Series.  He has 20 years experience in teaching  Qigong and Tai Chi. Mike is currently President of The Edinburgh Theosophical Society.


9 MAY         White Lotus Day:  Views of Mme. Blavatsky.  White Lotus Day is celebrated on the 8th May each year by Theosophists; it is the anniversary of the death of Mme. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society (in 1875).  Blavatsky, widely known as HPB, was instrumental in bringing the spiritual wisdom of the East and that of the ancient Western mysteries to the modern West, where they were virtually unknown.  This evening, Members will have the opportunity to express their views on how the work of Mme. Blavatsky has influenced their lives.


16 MAY        Movement performance:  'Wings of Wisdom'.  Mariola Albinowska.

The performance expresses the artist's enchantment with the mysticism of the Christian Orthodox chants.  Mariola Albinowska is a visual artist-performer based in Edinburgh. The artist sees her body as a living sculpture, and through movement and gesture, she strives to transform space and time.  Mariola says: ‘I heard the Orthodox chants for the first time many years back in Poland, it was a live concert performed by Orthodox monks in the Gothic Catholic Cathedral in Krakow, the sound was brilliant, mystical and uplifting’.


23 MAY       The Healing power of tapping into Past and Parallel Lives: Understanding the concept of healing across time and space.  Natasha Rocha.

As humans, we often find ourselves seeking answers to life's mysteries. One such mystery that has fascinated mankind for centuries is the concept of healing across time and space. The idea that our past lives and parallel lives can have a profound impact on our present experiences is both intriguing and empowering. In this talk, we will delve into the world of past lives and parallel lives, exploring the benefits they offer and the ways in which they can help us heal.  Natasha was born into a Portuguese family in South Africa.  spent 13 years in Edinburgh, Scotland, another 10 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has returned to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, which also happens to be the birthplace of her daughters.  Driven by a reawakening, Natasha transitioned from a corporate career to embrace her deep passion for assisting others through natural healing therapies such as akashic records, Craniosacral Therapy (CST), SomatoEmotional Release, and Reiki. Natasha is the visionary behind Raising the Vibes Academy of Consciousness, an online spiritual learning center designed to empower people in nurturing and honing their innate spiritual abilities.


30 MAY        Carl Jung & The Wisdom Teachings.  Gary Kidgell.

Carl Jung described the spiritual quest in his concept of Individuation. This entails the unification of opposites within the human psyche: spirit and matter; male and female; conscious and unconscious whereby we may fulfil our spiritual potential via what Jung described as the Self. This presentation considers this, and other elements of Jung's teachings in the light of traditional esoteric teachings. Included here is a consideration of archetypes and symbols; the psychopomp or 'guide of souls'; the anima and animus; and our relationship to the unconscious.  Gary Kidgell is a professional astrologer who has studied the wisdom teachings for forty years. He has lectured extensively on esoteric subjects, as well as undertaking numerous astrological consultations throughout the UK and in Europe. Gary joined the Theosophical Society in 1994 as a founding member of the Dundee Lodge and as President. He is the current Organising Secretary for the Theosophical Society in Scotland and the librarian for the Theosophical Society in Scotland Charity.  Gary has published two books: ‘The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self ‘and ‘Greek Hero Myths: Symbols of Transformation’.


(SATURDAY 1st JUNE 14.30 – 17.00.  The Theosophical Society in Scotland, Regional Annual General Meeting. MEMBERS ONLY)


6 JUNE        Food & Genes - a finishing touch!  Dr Gregorio Torchia MSc PhD

Discover your genetic predisposition to various aspects of your health and well-being. As food can alter your gene expression, knowing your genetic makeup is essential for a optimum personalised nutrition to boost your health and target diseases. Support your health journey joining our Talk.  Dr Gregorio is the senior Clinical Nutrition Consultant and scientific director of Nutripanda, your Nutritional Clinic in Edinburgh. He is a world leading expert in Bio-Nutritional therapy, personalised nutrition and nutrition consultancies with almost 20 years of practice experience, first in California and now in Scotland.  He studied at “La Sapienza” University of Rome, where he excelled in his Master in Science and achieved his speciality in Physiopathology, followed by a second Master in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen. After receiving his PhD from “La Sapienza”, he chose to focus on alternative and complementary Medicine, specifically relating to the area of food as a provider of medicinal benefits. Gregorio’s expertise grew through studying Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen. He is currently member of The Nutrition Society, American Nutrition Association, British Nutrition Foundation and International Society for Immuno-nutrition.


13 JUNE      SOCIAL EVENING.  A social meet up in the Cafe. All welcome.


(FRIDAY 14 JUNE 12.00 – 16.00.        The Theosophical Society in Scotland will host Tim Boyd, International President of The Theosophical Society.  Lunch followed by lecture. This is a FREE MEMBERS-ONLY EVENT organised by the Regional Association. Registration will open nearer the date.)


20 JUNE      Discussion Evening.  Covering Tim Boyd’s lecture and matters arising from the event on the 14th June.


27 JUNE      Edinburgh Lodge Annual General Meeting.



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