The recently reactivated  world federation of young theosophists WFYT, constitues a group of young (under 40 years of age) aspiring seekers of the truth through the quest of life. The WFYT endeavours to create content and events that can engage all young theosophists, thereby assisting them to connect; to discover their talents; and to  know their individuality in that they may live a theosophical life.

Further details relating to this exciting and  inspirational group of your spiritual seekers can be found  on their site: https://wfyt.org


FOHAT PRODUCTIONS (Pablo and Michelle Sender)

Pablo Sender

Fohat Productions was created to bring about the understanding of life, human beings, and the universe that Theosophical teachings can offer, at a time when a deeper view of reality is sorely needed. For this purpose, they produce new presentations in written, audio, and video formats addressing age-old universal problems in modern language. Additionally, they republish early Theosophical classics that contain perennial sources of wisdom but have gone out of print.

Theosophical literature aimed at the earnest student does not have a wide reader base, making it difficult for publishing companies to produce this type of books. Instead, they are forced to make the choice of publishing books on more popular subjects that will bring higher revenues. Fohat Productions is an effort to ensure that Theosophical books will be on the shelves in the high-quality format that the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom deserve.

News and Happenings:

Fohat Productions have taken a leap of faith and placed their trust in the Lords of Karma. As a result, Pablo Sender has reduced his external commitments, allowing him to dedicate more time to Fohat. This will enable Pablo and Michelole  to focus on producing the following books: The Inner Group Teachings of HPB, a third expanded and corrected edition; An Introduction to Theosophy and the Theosophical Society; and Conversations on Self Knowledge. In addition, they will now have the time and energy to take on new projects such as podcasts and short videos, which have been in the planning stages.

Fohat Productions offer a bow of gratitude to those who have supported their work thus far, and deeply appreciate any additional support that will allow them to continue ... Sharing the Living Power of Theosophy! https://fohatproductions.com/support-our-work/

Fohat Books: 

Painting the Cosmos: a metaphysical universe ... is now available in paperback. For US Purchases -  https://fohatproductions.com/product/painting-the-cosmos-a-metaphysical-universe/ and For International Purchases - https://fohatproductions.com/international-purchases/

Approaching The Secret Doctrine, Evolution of the Higher Consciousness, and Realizing the Self Within are also available for International Purchase - https://fohatproductions.com/international-purchases/ and for US purchases




The Theosophical Society in Scotland and the Glasgow and Dundee Lodges would like to express their deep gratitude and appreciation to members, for their charitable donations to support the education of children in Nepal. 

On the night of the Winter Solstice, 21st Dec 2020, Fotoula Adrimi, long-term member and secretary of the Glasgow lodge, facilitated a beautiful shamanic ceremony online, in celebration of the winter solstice. The ceremony was organised by the Glasgow Lodge but many members throughout Scotland attended. Participants donated to a fund that pays for orphan children and those unable to afford the fees, to attend school, including school uniforms, books and shoes for these kids, as without these they cannot attend school. Last year 14 children were supported. The Glasgow Lodge has been supporting this initiative since 2015, mainly from its own funds, following the earthquake in Nepal, when the school buildings themselves were damaged and many families were severely affected.

All donations are transferred directly to the Shree Saraswotih.s. School. There are no intermediary organisations, and all the money is spent on poor and orphan children. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s kindness, love, and generosity. The total amount received was £1,580.00 which is wonderful. The School, the children, the Glasgow Lodge consider this to be a miracle.

Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt support.

With gratitude and love.





Class of pupils receiving teaching under the tree
School letter of thanks to Glasgow Lodge
School Crest
School building
School building
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