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Programme of Zoom Presentation Talks
September to December 2020'

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January 29th Mike Hall - Discover How to Guard Your Three Treasures during a Pandemic

 Mike is a member of the Edinburgh Theosophical Lodge and has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong for over 20 years.  His work has been featured in "In Praise of Slow", a book which reached the top ten best sellers list in the USA and UK. 

The Three Treasures of Taoist Medicine are essence, energy and spirit. Maintaining this dynamic balance in your own mind and body will strengthen your immune system and build up your general health. This practical presentation will offer an opportunity for attendees to participate in some simple Qigong exercises and enjoy their benefit.

February 12th Ted Capstick - The Rainbow Bridge

Ted has been studying the Ancient Wisdom for over 30 years and is a professional esoteric astrologer.  He also lectures nationwide in subjects relating to human spirituality.  

Ted will present his recently updated and revised talk on ‘The Rainbow Bridge’, the link between our lower and higher selves.

February 26th Tim Wyatt - Secrets of Death

Throughout human history death has been widely feared, occasionally revered and usually misunderstood.  Those of a materialistic mindset tell us that we live only once and that death spells annihilation and oblivion, but these ideas are the exact opposite of the truth. Down the ages most cultures have believed in some kind of survival of the soul and re-birth.  Even now in the West dominated by Christianity and hard-nosed science, belief in reincarnation is making a major comeback with around a third of people believing they will be born again.

Author, journalist and esoteric researcher Tim Wyatt has been fascinated by the subject of death since childhood.  He has spent more than a decade researching ideas about death throughout world history as well as the after-life realms, reincarnation and karma for his newly-published Everyone’s Book of the Dead.  In it, he suggests that one of humanity’s most urgent priorities is to re-assess death in the light of esoteric teachings.  He argues that by doing so not only can we can learn our true identity but understand that death is just another aspect of the inevitable and eternal cycle of life itself.  It is not a tragedy to be feared.

March 12th Gary Kidgell - The Path to Transcendence

Gary is a professional astrologer specialising in esoteric astrology.  He has lectured extensively on various esoteric and spiritual subjects in the UK and in Europe.  Gary possesses a lifelong interest in mythology and has recently published a book Greek Hero Myths: Symbols of Transformation.  His previous book The Inner Journey: Pathways to the Higher Self has been distributed internationally.

The mystery of consciousness cannot be expressed in words; it is beyond name and form.  To understand the mystery of consciousness the awareness of the aspirant must be elevated to the transcendent level of being which gives rise to consciousness itself: the realm of Sat referred to in H.P. Blavatsky’s The Voice of Silence.  The presentation adopts a comparative approach, in outlining various practices and techniques that humanity has developed towards crossing to the metaphorical ‘other shore’ of Mahayana Buddhism, or being ‘without the gunas’ as Krishna advises Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.  Blavatsky describes the sacred symbolic language of Senzar.  C.G. Jung demonstrates that symbols are representations of archetypes or ‘divine ideas’ residing with the collective unconscious.  Symbols represent a bridge between the lower, intellectual mind and the higher, abstract mind.  Human consciousness may be elevated beyond to opposites of manifestation to the level of transcendent truth on the ‘wings of symbols.’

March 26th Scott Olsen - The Pillars of Wisdom: Unveiling Modern Theosophy: Part One

Scott Olsen, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Philosophy & Religion at the College of Central Florida is a life-long student of the ancient wisdom.  A national lecturer for the Theosophical Society in America and the Foundation for Theosophical Studies in the UK, Scott lectures widely on the perennial philosophy with special emphasis on Plato, the golden mean numbering system, and transformative states of consciousness.

Scott will present the first instalment of a two part talk, with the second instalment on April 23rd.

Part I includes the subtitles: Background, Plato & the Pythagoreans, Ancient Wisdom & Sacred Geometry, Phyllotaxis, Golden Cosmology, Golden Physics, Resonance, Holographic Universe, Quantum Computers, Nonlocality, Initiation into the Mysteries, NDEs, and Egyptian Mysteries (beginning).

April 9th Mike Hall - I Say Mozart - You say Microtubules!

Mike will give his second talk in this program.

Embark on a Virtual Magical Mystery Tour with no Travel restrictions! Jump on board Carl G Jung's night-sea journey, before tuning in to one of Mozart's 1791 dangerous liaisons, held in a secret grotto outside Salzburg. Zooming further east to Ancient Greece, your virtual Journey will end at the Great Pyramid of Giza, where you will discover your fractal scientific and spiritual relationship with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient world.

April 23rd Scott Olsen - The Pillars of Wisdom: Unveiling Modern Theosophy: Part Two

Scott will present the second instalment of his two part talk:

Part II includes the subtitles: Egyptian Mysteries (concluding), Greece, Initiation at Eleusis, Spider Consciousness, Transformation of Consciousness, Hero's Journey, Theosophy, Esoteric Theosophy, Vision Quests, The Golden Key Declaration of the Mahatmas (KH), and Buddha's Middle Path.

May 7th Anne Kelly - Theosophy in Daily Application

Anne has a background in public speaking and has been an on-air radio and television presenter for 30 years.  Since 2002, she has also been a lecturer and motivational speaker on confidence building, communication and overcoming addiction.  Anne’s home lodge is the Theosophical Society Headquarters in London.  She is also part of the global team for the Virtual Centre for Theosophical Teachings, hosting the Living Theosophy YouTube channel devoted to helping to spread the Theosophical message worldwide:

"One can memorise, study, regurgitate and reiterate the ageless, divine Theosophical teachings, but it is all for nought UNLESS THIS KNOWLEDGE IS PUT INTO APPLICATION, in every aspect of our daily lives. This ancient, sacred knowledge has been handed down to us by the sages through the ages ~ for us to BECOME, not simply to read, study and pontificate, but COME TO BE the ancient divine science based on FACT, not faith. Many feel they must somehow get busy working to “change the world” yet the only way this can be done, is to change our own thoughts, our own behaviours, our actions and reactions … we must change ourselves."

21st May Carolanne - Angelic Connection

Carolanne is life coach and spiritual counsellor offering a unique service.  She also offers accredited courses and workshops.

During this talk, Carolanne will introduce us to an awareness of the Angelic Kingdom and tell us of her understanding of who angels are and how they help us.  She will share some of her personal experiences and the healings she has had.

June 4th Joe McIntyre - ‘Scottish Artists Past and Present’

Joe is the president of the Dundee Theosophical Society and is a ‘weel kent’ local artist.  In this latest presentation in a series of art talks he’s given to the Dundee Theosophical Society, Joe will give us an illustrated talk with insight into Scottish artists both past and present.


Meetings will be held via Zoom, with talks starting at 7.15pm.  
Zoom meetings will open at 7.00pm to allow time for participants to join
before the start of the talks.  

A Zoom log in link for each talk will be sent out by email at the
beginning of each week of the talks.

All welcome. 




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