Gary Kidgell ‘Spiritual Transformation’ 

Author and spiritual astrologist Gary will outline the requirements, challenges and rewards related to the treading of the spiritual path. The presentation utilises the ancient wisdom and related eastern and western mystery teachings; the psychology of Carl Jung and Roberto Assagioli; and the symbolism of myth.


8th February
Mr Gopal ‘A Journey Towards Mukthi’ 
Mr Gopal, from the Tayside Hindu Cultural and Community Centre, will present a talk focusing on developing an understanding of the following concept: ‘Liberation’, ‘the seer and the seen’, ‘the three bodies’ and ‘the three states of existence’.


22nd February
Owen Pilgrim ‘The Finger Pointing at the Moon & the Atom of Delight’

Artist and storyteller Owen will explore the stories, traditions and practices that point to the moon.

8th March
Malcolm Macqueen - ‘Gilgamesh - The Quest for Immortality’

Ancient Mesopotamia, where great rivers Euphrates & Tigris merge into the Persian Gulf, is thought to be the root of many familiar mythology narratives. In the process of unfolding this historical tale, we can see some astrological interpretations as the hero journeys through aspects of the zodiac.

22nd March
Carol Ann - 'Dances with Dragons in Mongolia’

In 1994, whilst researching information about earth energy flows and sacred places, author Carol Ann uncovered details of 12 locations around the world where energy flows were vertical. These locations were nicknamed 'energy pumping stations' and, in this talk, she will use her own full colour photographs; and read from her new book 'Dances with Dragons in Mongolia', to illustrate the search for one of these special locations. Her clue, in this instance, was 'Shambhalla, Gobi Desert'; and her adventures and spiritual challenges to find this location will both enlighten and entertain.

5th April
Sandy Edwards - ‘The History & Development of Secular Humanism’

Humanism embraces free thinking and the rational approach to life.  Sandy will talk about the history of the Humanist Society in Scotland from Humanism’s origins in China to its present day ceremonies, campaigns, and non-religious pastoral and spiritual care.


Meetings are held at 7.15 for 7.30pm in Room 2, G03, Dalhousie Building, Dundee University, Hawkhill, Dundee DD15EN

Admission: £3.50, concession £3.00, Members £2.50  All welcome





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