August 31st
An introduction to labyrinths  A labyrinth is an area of ready-made sacred space.  Historically labyrinths have been used for many purposes including meditation, prayer, play, story telling, energy healing and divination.  They can still be used by anybody to enjoy the feelings of calmness and clarity they provide. Thorne will give an introduction to the history and experience of the labyrinth and help us learn how to make the most of these sacred spaces.  
Thorn Steafel

September 14th
Theosophy in the movies  Ten Oscar-winning filmclips containing eternal truths - bring your own popcorn!
Mike Hall

September 28th
Is it possible to communicate with animals? Sarah will share the science behind how it is absolutely possible toconnectand communicate with animals.
Sarah- Jane Le Blanc

October 12th
Ganesh and the human brain Who is Ganesh? Ganesh is renowned as the remover of obstacles. But who are we worshipping when we worship Ganesh and where do we find him? Why does this god bear the head of an elephant? Who gave Ganesh his unusual appearance what does this tell us about human identity and the human physiology? Is the myth of Ganesh really a story about the human brain?
Euan Mcpherson

October 26th
The Glastonbury Zodiac - A ‘Moot’ point Marion will introduce you to 'Dormath' and the 12 Gateways - to provide you with a framework for self-enquiry - giving you an opportunity to look at your Soul-Blueprint - from a range of perspectives, drawn from the deep well-spring of these ancient Zodiacal images and their associated mythology.

Marion Lacey

November 9th
Temple of words  The invitation is to enter the sacred Templeof Words at this new moon time in November. An invitation to explore and experience the poetry that is our lives, a medicine for the soul. What is written within your inner temple, the inner chambers of the soul?

Vivienne Crighton

November 23rd
Tarot Journey A meditation and talk focussing on the  Tarot Fool, symbolising our spiritual journey through life and our capacity to embrace change/experience the new.

Alastair Macqueen

December 7th
British Painters that I admire  Dundee based artist Joe McIntyre will give an illustrated lecture on the British artists who have given him inspiration.

Joe McIntyre


Meetings are held at 7.30pm in Room 2, G03, Dalhousie Building, Dundee University, Hawkhill, Dundee

Admission: Members £2.50, non-members donation £3.50 (concession £3)

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